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Amatriciana from the Academia of the Italian Kitchen

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The Academia of the Italian Kitchen was established in 1953 as a gatekeeper for historic Italian recipes. Amatriciana is a fairly straight forward recipe with few variations, but whether it originated in Rome or the municipality Amatrice — or even further afield — is somewhat disputed, with variations to the pasta. In Rome, the choice is bucatini, while elsewhere it is spaghetti.


3.5 oz guanciale
1 tablespoon oil
14 oz ripe tomatoes
1 chili pepper
1.7 oz pecorino romano


Slice guanciale.
Brown in oil.
Reserve meat.
Peel and seed tomatoes.
Add tomatoes to oil.
Add chili.
Cook for ten minutes.
Add salt and pepper.
Toss with pasta and cheese.